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Incident report

When running into incidents, report to local supports or event organizers in-app.


Your phone becomes a smart Walkie-Talkie that broadcast and share the audio messages.


Let teammates and important ones know where you are and your status during rides.

Aid station marking

Make it clear and updated to all participants all the middle stops and aid stations on map.

Notification Center

Where all participants and staff members kept updated about the event details.

  • Announcement

Keep participants up-to-date of the notification from event hosts.

  • Update event info anytime

Adding or modifying event information is easy and flexible.

  • Direct message

Your message won’t be left in spam mailbox or unnoticed.

Incident Report

When incidents happen, velodash lets cyclists report their locations and status for organizers to send out aids accurately.

  • Location

Exact GPS location of the report will be sent for faster rescue.

  • Situation

By knowing level of injuries and photos, better support can be sent.

Control Center

All information is now digital, easy to search and gathered in one place.

  • Task assign and status tracking

Assign tasks based on location and workload. Also, see how and when the tasks are handled.

  • See where cyclists are in the field

As the event continues, keep an eye on cyclists to make sure no one falls behind or astray.

  • Allocate support resource

Based on the incident report and progress of the event, move your staff accordingly.


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RIBA 2018


Happy Ride 2019


Green Tour 2019


Bike Taiwan 2019


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Set-Up &


Publish Event Content

On-Site Control Center

Event Data & Analysis

  • Online event planner

  • Middle stop marking

  • Stop details and elevation summary

  • Send event details and data to cyclists

  • Update event status and reminders

  • Interactions

  • Track participants

  • Get incident reports

  • Assign staff to help

  • Track tasks status

  • Overall event summary based on data collected

  • Feedbacks to event