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Create and edit routes

1.How to create a route?

On the Explore page, you can click "+Create", and there are several ways to create a route: ✦Plan new route: Manually plan a new route by yourself. ✦Seclect from collection: Import the route from your collection. ✦Import GPX: Select the GPX file from your device (cycling computer/smartphone) . ✦Select from history: Select the workout you have done before to save as a route. ✦Explore: Explore all the routes on the platform to select and create.

2.When I created the route, I found that there were three different road types(Foot/Car/Bicycle). What's the difference between them?

✦Foot: Mainly on walkable roads. ✦Car: Mainly on roads where cars can travel. (highways and interchanges are excluded.) ✦Bicycles: Mainly on the routes that can be ridden by bicycles. Bicycle trails in riverside are also included. (Notice: This function is not applicable in some overseas regions.)

3.The route automatically planned by the system is not I want. How can I modify it?

The current route mode is customized by Google and cannot be changed, but you can modify the planned route in the following ways: ✦Edit middle stops: Fine-tune the position of stops by dragging the pin or searching for landmarks. ✦Use the "Straight line" function: Connect the stops with a straight line to avoid being led to undesired routes.

4.If I use the GPX route, can I turn on the Arrival Notice?

No, due to the type of the GPX route, it is not possible to turn on the "Arrival Notice".

5.Can I add middle stops if I use the GPX route?

Yes, but due to the type of the GPX route, it is not possible to generate "Distance" and display "Arrival Notice" for these stops.

6.What can I do if I want to change the name of middle stops/add photos/add tags?

You can edit the information of middle stops (change names, add photos, and add tags) at the route planning page, making it easier for cyclists to identify those stops.

7.What is "Arrival Notice"?

Arrival Notice is a function that allows you to receive the middle stop arrival notifications when riding.
As long as you turn on the Arrival Notice, you will receive the notification when the next middle stop is about to arrive, so that you won't miss any of them!

8.Can the planned route be exported as a GPX file?

Yes, open the page of the route which you want to export and click the GPX download button on the map to get the file.

Create events

1.How to create an event?

There are three ways to create an event: ✦Create event: Click "+Create" on the Explore page to create an event. ✦Create an event with an old event:"If you have hosted an event before, you can use the old event to quickly create a new event.Please click ""..."" in the upper left corner of the existing/past event page and select ""Duplicate""." ✦Create an event with a route:"You can use the route on the platform to create a new event.Please click ""..."" in the upper left corner of the route page and select ""Host event""."

2.When I set the event to Public/Private mode, can I change it again?

Yes, you can switch to Public/Private mode after you published it.

3.If I set the event to private mode, how can I invite friends to join?

Private events cannot be searched. There are two ways to invite: ✦Share link: The event organizer can click "Share" to copy the event link to friends. ✦Invite: The event organizer can click "+" in the Participants corner to invite friends to join.

4.After the event is published, can I still change the event time?

Yes, but please pay attention to the following two situations: ✦When the event has not yet started: You can change the start time of the event at will, and there is no limit. ✦"When the event has started: You can only change the start time to the time after the original one.(For example, if the original start time is six o'clock in the morning, the new start time can only be after six o'clock.)"

5.If the event has already started, can I still change the route of the event?

Yes, participants can see that the route is changed immediately, and will also be notified from the system that the route has been changed.

6.Can the planned event be exported as a GPX file?

Yes, open the page of the event which you want to export and click the GPX download button on the map to get the file.

During the ride / Watch live events

1.Will internet be needed to record rides?

In order to have a better user experience, we recommend that you turn it on during the entire ride. Please read the following instructions: ✦Solo cycling: We highly recommend you to turn it on. Internet is not required for solo cycling, but it will still be needed for the final record uploading process. ✦Group riding: Internet needs to be turned on in order to receive and send the location of you and the other cyclists.

2.The battery power consumption is so high when I turn on the GPS during the ride. Is there any way to save power?

In fact, as long as you turn on the GPS function, it will consume more battery power!

3.Why is the map direction inaccurate when I ride? It seems that there is an abnormal angle deviation?

Because of the differences in devices, many smartphones may encounter a situation where the direction changes from left to right when using the positioning function, and there is a gap with the actual direction. According to the mobile operating systems, you can follow the methods below to improve the positioning accuracy! Android:You can try to make a figure 8 with your phone or corner several times with your bike until the compass is calibrated. iOS: 1.Check whether Wifi is turned on from the phone settings 2. Check whether "Precise Location" is turned on Settings>Velodash>Location>Precise Location

4.How to switch the data panel information during the ride?

Click any data directly to switch and customize the information of the data panel.

5.Can I use satellite view map during my ride?

Yes, click on the "Ride Settings" in the lower right corner of the tracking page and select the "Satellite Map".

6.What is the difference between dark mode and bright mode?

Dark mode protects the eyes and can let you ride more safely in dark environments, at the same time it saves more power.

7.Why can't I put the cadence / heart rate data on my panel?

If you didn't connect to the Bluetooth sensor, you cannot select cadence / heart rate data to put on the data panel. Please click the "Setting" button to connect to your sensor first.

8.I have turned on the arrival notice, but I didn't receive the notification during the ride. Why?

Please check whether you have allowed Velodash to send notifications to your phone first. Then, find the "Velodash" App in your phone settings page and choose to turn on notifications, so you won't miss any of them.

9.Can I watch the live events while others riding?

Yes, when you enter the ongoing event page (The event with the "Live now" label), you will see two buttons below. Click "Watch" to watch the live event.

10.If my event is in private mode, how can I let my friends watch the ride?

Private events cannot be searched directly. You can click "Share" on the event page to copy the link to your friends.

11.I click into an ungoing event page, but there is no "Watch" button to click. Why?

This means that no one is riding now, so only the ranking list will be displayed.


1.Can I export my workouts to other platforms (such as Strava, Relive)?

Strava: Yes, there are two ways to upload to Strava. ✦Choose to upload it automatically when you save the current workout, and you don’t need to connect to Strava again when you upload workouts next time. ✦Enter the workout page and click "..." at the top right, and select "Share to Strava". Relive: Currently, automatic upload is not supported. You can download the GPX file by yourself and import it into Relive, which can also show route and time information.

2.Can I share my workouts with others?

Yes, you can find the workout you want to share on your profile. After entering the workout page, click the "Share" button below to share it with other communities and communicate with friends!

3.Can I use my workout to create a new route?

Yes, you can go to your profile page to find the workout you want to save as a route. After entering the workout page, click "···" in the upper right corner and select "Save as a new route" to create a new route.

4.Can I use my workouts to export to GPX files?

Yes, you can go to your profile page to find the workout you want to export to GPX file, click the GPX download button on the route map to export it.

5.How can I see the overview of workouts?

Swipe to the bottom of your profile page to find the "History" corner, and click "See all" to view the total riding distance, total time, total elevation gain, and monthly or even annual workouts so far.

6.If I have not recorded the ride, can I import the workout to Velodash App by myself?

No, currently it does not support bike computers to import workout to Velodash App. Only the ride tracked with Velodash App can generate a workout.

7.How is the calorie consumption calculated?

Calorie consumption is calculated based on the height, weight, gender, and age provided by the registration at the time. Therefore, the more information you given, the more accurate calorie consumption can be analysed for you.

Bluetooth bike devices

1.What device does Velodash support?

We support all BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices, including heart rate belt, cadence and 2-in-1 speed cadence sensors.

2.Why can't Velodash App find my device?

"It is recommended to try the following steps in order:
(If the previous steps have solved the problem, you don’t need to finish the full steps!)"
✦Check whether the device is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Device). ✦Try to shake the device or spin the wheel after installing the device on a bicycle. ✦Reboot the Bluetooth device. ✦Remove the battery from the device and reinstall it.

3.My device has already connected, but why does the data show "--"?

You can try the following steps: ✦Shake/Spin your device to let Velodash App get the data. ✦Go back to the previous step and try it again.

4.How can I view the data during the ride after connecting the bike device?

Click the data panel on the tracking page to enter "Customized Display", and click the "Bluetooth data" below to switch.

5.Will the data of the bike device be saved in my workout?

Yes, you can see the average cadence and heart rate data on the summary page of the workout.

Certified event

1.Can I make a group registration?

Yes, you can purchase multiple tickets. Fill in the information of each participant to complete the group registration process. If your ticket is not included in the ticket purchase, just fill in the information of the cyclists you bought on your behalf and fill in the contact information.

2.I didn't see the add-on items on the ticket selection page, how can I purchase it?

The add-on items will not appear on the initial page. After selecting the ticket you want to buy, enter the page to fill in the participant's information, and you can see the add-on items at this time.

3.When will I receive my event registration confirmation email?

You will receive an event registration confirmation email by the system 5~10 minutes after completing the ticket purchase process.

4.Can I get a refund for a registered event?

You can see the "Refund Policy" at the bottom of the event page. Please read the rules carefully before making a purchase.

5.I want to purchase add-ons, but have already signed up for the event, what should I do?

Please contact the event organizer directly.

6.How can I apply for special requirements?

You can go to the event page and click on the organizer corner, and apply for special requirements through message. (Depends on the rule of each organizer.)

7.Can I modify or cancel the order?

Please contact the event organizer directly.

8.How can I ask for help if something happens during the ride?

Click the “Report Incident” button on the tracking page to pop up the inquiry form. You can fill in your status and bib number. After sending it, the event organizer will know your location and contact you.

9.How can I get the latest information from the event organizer?

Go to the event page and click on the organizer corner to view all events and information created by the organizer. You can also follow the organizer to receive notifications when the organizer create a new event.

My profile

1.How can I find friends?

Click "Find Friends" on your profile page and you can find friends from "Suggested" and "Facebook" corners.

2.Can I share my profile page?

Yes, click the "Share" button on your profile page to share to other social media.

3.How to add an achievement?

Find the "Achievement" corner on your profile page, click "Create", enter Name, Date, and Finish time to get an new achievement!

4.Can I see other people's workouts?

No, you can only see your own workouts.

5.Can I delete my workouts?

Yes, click "..." in the upper right corner of the workout to delete it.