More than 10,000 group rides took place on Velodash!

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Explore routes, join events around you and experience tools carved for riding.

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Group riders

Set up events and invite your ride buddies to join your adventures.

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From ticket sales to on-site control, our business solution is here to help.


Featured events


California, USA

Fri, Sep 17, 11:00 PM


Oregon, USA

Sat, Sep 19, 7:30 AM

Oregon, USA

Sat, Oct 09, 9:30 AM


Maryland, USA

Tue, Oct 12, 9:00 AM

​Explore and participate in all kinds of rides.

A wide range of cycling activities await for your discovery. Or, you city might need you to create some great rides!

Never has group riding more easy and connected.

Real-time location sharing to track teammates and help out when needed.

Are you event creators for business?

We provide event management system for business and organizations.